Keeping the heat in with curtains

This year 2020 has been the scene of many awarenesses about the environmental emergency that is ours today. The 3 months confinement due to the covid-19 epidemic allowed to reveal that it was possible, but also, and especially necessary, to reduce our energy consumption in order to prepare a better tomorrow. Also, many of us have been wondering how to change our lifestyle in order to reduce our footprint. Recycling, locavorism, bulk food or second-hand fashion, many of our habits have gradually evolved. And among the many actions that are already within everyone's reach to work in this direction, the thermal improvement of our homes is undoubtedly one of the priorities to be concerned about, since its impact will undoubtedly be one of the most significant. This can be done by renovating or insulating a home, or by changing the heating system. But we can go even further by optimizing absolutely all sources of energy waste, including our windows.

Thermal material and lining: the winning combo

Indeed, these openings on the outside, although so pleasant, are unfortunately often a source of heat loss, despite double or triple glazing. It may then be wise to turn to the effectiveness of curtains, but not just any curtains! There is indeed an ideal material in the search for both thermal and acoustic insulation that fits perfectly with the decoration of the house: linen. This natural material and its intrinsic thermal properties are the perfect ally to create an insulation barrier and keep all the heat in your home. In addition to having natural thermal curtains, it is also possible to have them lined with a layer of thick polyester, specially designed to improve the thermal performance of your home and make them blackout curtains. What to make your home a real cozy nest! In addition to its insulating properties, linen also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that will be perfect for a healthy interior, and is very easy to maintain without being damaged over time: indeed, it will even soften over the wash, without even its color tarnish.

The practicality of customization to combine efficiency and style

To take advantage of all the features of your thermal curtains without compromising on style, it can be very practical to use a custom service. Thus, to integrate perfectly with your home, you can add to your thermal lining a style full of charm and elegance. Moreover, this noble material, linen, is not only a good insulator, it is also very trendy! Washed or natural, crumpled or smooth, with soft and pastel colors that inspire calm and serenity, it will certainly bring authenticity and refinement to your interior design. Whether you prefer plain or two-tone, patterned or with a ruffled finish, sheer or blackout curtains, your custom curtain will offer you the opportunity to find your own style and adapt to all your requests. Not to mention that by using linen curtains, you are already making a gesture very favorable to the planet, since its production uses very few resources, is mostly French, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly and respectful of the environment in the field of textiles. In addition, its robustness and its great resistance to time will give your curtains the ability to accompany you for many years.