Focus on the quilted linen bedspread with wool filling

If some of you put style before comfort in your interior design, for others the practical and efficient side sometimes takes precedence over elegance and charm. Choosing between the harmony of a style and the functionality needed for daily use: what a headache! What if we could combine the two and make everyone happy? Yes, it's possible!

We have found a trendy accessory that will satisfy everyone's needs: a quilted bedspread made of 100% natural linen with a soft wool filling. A dream for aesthetes and couch potatoes alike, for pragmatists and romantics alike! Let's discover it together today.

The bedspread: an element of style, but also of comfort

If the bedspread is an element that can seem outdated in a contemporary decoration, a well thought and made bedspread will instantly confer an inimitable elegance to your bedroom. Worked in an original way and with quality materials, such as natural and robust fabrics like linen and wool, the bedspread will be the source of refinement that will bring a unique style to your interior.

The main advantage of this model? A quilted surface that has the particularity of having no joints, thanks to the work of a fabric of great width. This quilting brings out the puffiness and comfort of the wool underneath for an irresistible feel, but also provides an eye-catching, subtle and distinguished element to highlight the sophisticated side of an interior design.

Another important attribute: this linen bedspread can be adapted to your taste by being two-tone! You have the opportunity to choose between a plain color and a combination of two soft and pastel tones, which will allow you to personalize your decoration according to your desires. Moreover, the 4 available sizes will give you the possibility to adapt to any bed size. Please note that we advise users of this item to take it to a professional for maintenance as it contains real wool filling and therefore it cannot be machine washed as is the case for our other linen bedspread with cotton filling.

The combination of linen and wool for the best performance

Beyond the style and comfort, another element will finish convincing you about this quilted bedspread: its thermal performance! This is indeed one of the great advantages of having linen bedding: this entirely natural fabric has the incredible property of regulating temperature. Thus, with a bedspread made of 100% soft washed linen from France, you will not be too hot in summer nor too cold in winter!

Not only thermal, the virtues of linen are numerous and cover many fields: naturally antifungal and antibacterial, this fiber is also anti-allergenic. Combined with wool, in which dust mites cannot live, it will make the happiness of all the people having an increased allergic sensitivity, for peaceful nights and a quality sleep.

The icing on the cake: for the more eco-friendly, linen will also be a choice solution for your interior decoration! Indeed, France is the first producer of linen in the world, which makes it a local product. Robust and durable, linen has an excellent lifespan and even tends to improve with time, which will allow you to keep it for a long time. In addition, the cultivation of this fiber is much less water intensive than cotton, and requires no pesticides. An idea that is as good for the planet as it is for your health, we like it!