Embellish your room with a bed frame cover.

Mattress, box spring, headboard, bed cover... There are many elements to dress a bed. Even if we don't always think about it, the bed cover is a sure value to embellish a room and make your bed the central point where all eyes will converge. But the decorative aspect is obviously not the only asset of this element. Let's take a closer look at what a bedspread is, its uses and how to choose it.

What is the purpose of a bed cover?

The cover is primarily used to conceal the structure of the bed composed of the box spring and the base of it. It is made of fabric whose sides fall elegantly to the ground.

Its installation is simple since it is enough to insert it between the mattress and the box spring by taking care to position it well at the level of the angles. Generally, there are sewn corners equipped with Velcro to hang it on the bed base whether it is with slats or with studs.

Once in place, this element has many advantages. It allows you to match the colors of your bed with the general decoration of your room. It is also a great ally to camouflage tired or unattractive box springs while offering additional storage space if you need it. You can easily update your bed without having to buy a new box spring, which can be expensive. This item is also very useful to regularly change the decoration of your room and follow the trends without having to spend too much money. It is, in fact, available in a wide range of colors.

The bed cover also allows you to protect your bed base. The fabric will indeed act as a screen when, for example, you bump your bed. There will be no scratches or dents on the structure. As the box spring no longer receives light, it will keep its original color longer.

Aesthetics is a major aspect of this element. You can change the color whenever you want. Moreover, this one is easily cleaned. It is machine washable (usually at 30°), which is not the case for a bed base! There is no need to put the bed cover in the dryer (it is not even recommended). Iron your fabric on the reverse side.

The bed cover is ideal for style lovers, but it's also a way to personalize your bedding. You can also create a bed cover if you're a sewing and DIY enthusiast.

How to imagine a stylish decoration with a bed cover?

As you can see, the bed cover is a great ally to embellish your bedroom. But you still have to choose it well.

For a neat and bohemian atmosphere, a linen bedcover will be ideal. You can opt for pastel or natural colors (like beige). Our mineral gray can also be an excellent choice, always in soft shades.

For a romantic mood, ruffled styles are perfect. Naturally, pink is the star of this type of mood, but you can also opt for a beautiful ivory or delicate lilac. Opt for knots for an equally elegant finish.

For a contemporary room, a dark bedspread will look best. Black, Bordeaux or midnight blue are the best choices. You can also opt for a one-color room by choosing white, which will brighten and enlarge the space.

Coordinating your bed cover with your other decorative accessories for an elegant unit is the simplest solution to avoid making a tasteful mistake. Opting for pretty plains is a safe bet. You will then associate them with your bed linen, your headboard or your curtains. But playing with contrasts is also a great idea. You can use a pretty bed cover in one color that you associate with a plain bed linen in the same tones, or on the contrary in a totally opposite chromatic range.

You can also go off the beaten path and opt for original shades. In a predominantly pink bedroom, for example, orange will enhance the space.

The bed cover allows you to add the final touch to your decoration and personalize it as much as possible.

What height of bed cover to choose?

For the best effect, it is important to choose the right bedcover model.

The first criterion to take into account is obviously the size of your bed. You will need to measure the circumference of the bed and the top of the box spring. You will then be able to buy a bed cover that fits perfectly. This is important. Too small, you won't be able to put it on. Too big, it will wrinkle and the effect will not be beautiful. It must indeed fit perfectly the shape of your bed. Most standard box springs require a 40 cm high cover, but this is not the case for many box springs and it is often necessary to have a custom-made cover made. Linenshed offers the ability to order your box spring cover in the exact height of your box spring, from 15 cm to 61 cm.

Several sizes are available to perfectly fit your needs. For a single bed, we use a bed skirt (the other name of the bed cover) measuring 90 X 190 cm. There are also covers for baby beds (60 X 120 cm).

For double beds, mainly 160x200 bed covers are used. For smaller double beds, there are 140 x 190 cm (standard bedding size) covers, and for larger beds there are 180 x 200 cm and 200 x 200 cm covers.

It is still very important to take into account the height of your bed base. The bed skirt must cover the bed and the space underneath. The bed skirt can go all the way down to the floor or it can stop a little bit before (it should be close to the floor for an optimal effect). Linenshed offers from its size menu the possibility to order a bedcover in any height for an optimal effect in your decoration.

It is also useful to select the material of your bedcover. A Linen cover for your bedA linen bedcover, although more expensive than a cotton or polyester one, will immediately transform your bed by giving it a more sophisticated look no matter which model you choose from our selection. It is also important to note that all of our bed covers are adaptable to electric beds, an option you can choose from our menu. Whether it's an open angle, knotted, slotted, ruffled or ruffled box spring cover, you now have the keys to transform your bedroom into a true sanctuary.