Pastel softness for the arrival of autumn

Although they are often associated with the 1950s, pastel colors are undeniably back in our homes, and more trendy than ever. Sky blue, powder pink or water green, these soft and refined colors remind us of childhood, breathe in the beautiful days of spring and instill joie de vivre. Elegant and chic, or more original in a "pop" and dynamic spirit, pastels still need to be used well to give style and harmony to a room. Sparseness and accuracy of associations will be required for a successful effect, and not to fall into excess! Some tips to guide you in your inspirations.

Pastel and the importance of materials

Pastel shades are made by mixing a large quantity of a pure white base with pigments of the primary colors yellow, blue and red. This produces lighter and softer tones than the very bright tones of the base pigments. Thus, it will be important to work with pastel in decoration with a neutral base such as white or gray, so as not to create too strong a contrast. The choice of materials then depends on the style you want to give: on a wall, a pastel paint will be much more modern and sophisticated, than a wallpaper that will rather recall the origins of the 50s of these colors for a more retro style. In terms of fabric, we prefer natural and noble materials, such as linen or silk, to sublimate the purity and delicacy of colors, as a beautiful linen tablecloth of a warm straw yellow for a friendly dinner. In the same way, we will try to associate noble woods with soft colors, such as blonde oak or beech, to enhance the brightness of pastel.

Uses and styles of pastel

The use of pastel colors is complex and requires subtlety to be mastered. For example, we should avoid combining them with bright colors so as not to distort them, but we should not hesitate to mix them together! Without risking any false notes, these colors are very easy to combine and complement each other without any problem. Their main disadvantage is that they can quickly become bland if they are not properly highlighted. Thus, we can come and enhance them with shiny, sparkling elements, for example decorative metal accessories: mirror, lamp, frame ... We particularly appreciate the pinkish and warm shade of copper or the golden reflections of brass, which will warm the freshness of pastel shades. If metal gives these tones a more Scandinavian style, modern and very trendy, as in a bathroom all in glass and gold metal with linen towels in ice blue or celadon green, pastels can also be associated with wood for a more cozy and warm result. We will quickly find the spirit of a baby's room with a small bed in blond wood accompanied by a sheet in powder pink linen, for example. Whatever style you choose, don't forget to pay particular attention to the lighting of your room: if pastel colors reflect natural daylight very well, artificial lighting that is too white will quickly give a cold and hostile side. Prefer lights with more yellow tones that will bring out the warmth of the room. As you can see, pastel colors are timeless, but their use varies according to the style you want to give them. It's up to you to use your imagination to find the combinations that will reflect your choices!