Decorate your bathroom in no time!

Spring has arrived for some time, and so has the desire for change. The living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the closets... The great interior upheaval! One room in the house is often left out and yet a few tricks can change its atmosphere: the bathroom!

Discover how to transform this functional space into a space of well-being and relaxation!

The bathroom, a space for yourself

Rethinking bathroom decor can sometimes seem costly and time-consuming. However, it can be simple to change the atmosphere of this room and make it warmer with a few tricks.

A new shower curtain, matched with a graphic or plain bath mat, a few small green plants that particularly appreciate the humidity of this room and you're done: a spa atmosphere quickly in the house, leading to spend more time in this cocooning space.

You want a dream bathroom? Don't hesitate!

Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, play with colors and materials that you like and that give you well-being. Natural materials are perfect in this spirit and are very trendy for this year 2021. The shapes are minimal, soft and functional. We do not overload the decoration, but the elements and accessories are chosen with care and parsimony.

Linen in your bathroom

Choose a linen shower curtain

As mentioned earlier, natural materials are completely trendy and linen is one of them. This 100% natural fiber fits perfectly in the bathroom. Soft and light, the natural wrinkled look of washed linen is ideal for this space. Its quick-drying properties also make it the ideal textile in your bathroom.

One of the first adaptable elements in linen version, and certainly the most surprising and original is your shower curtain. Chic, it will surprise you with its style and especially its ease of maintenance. Goodbye, the plastic shower curtains sticky, very difficult to maintain, and unhygienic. The linen shower cur tain is machine washable at 60 °, simply. In addition, it is very compatible with the dryer that will make it progressively softer washes. At Linenshed, you can select your shower curtain according to your desires:

  • The model all in simplicity, with pure lines adapting to all decorations that it is Japanese, Scandinavian or very minimalist.
  • The shower curtain with wide ruffles at the bottom, for a romantic spirit, completely in the trend shiny shabby. It will bring a touch of softness to your bathroom
  • The shower curtain with small ruffles in the top, chic and original.
  • All Linenshed shower curtains are available in 16 colors, whether khaki, mustard, pastel or more vivid.

Create your textile pieces

You have a creative soul and want to completely customize your bathroom with your hands? Linenshed also offers in its range a perfect answer for your DIY desires: Washed linen by the meter, large width!

Its dimensions are ideal to create your own shower curtain, but also for example, curtains to hide an alcove, large windows, your towel cabinet, or replace the cabinet doors under your sink. Linenshed is available in large widths, but also in 16 colors. Its quality will seduce you. It's up to you!

Linen, an ecological choice

Another important advantage of choosing linen for your bathroom or interior is that it is a sustainable choice. Ecological, linen is a material with a low environmental impact compared to other materials such as plastic of course but also cotton. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, in addition to having exceptional durability characteristics (grandmothers' linen sheets have proven themselves!)