How to choose a bedspread? Size and trend guide

The bedspread is back in fashion, the effect "hotel bed" is popular. But it is important to choose the right size and trendy! Our tips for finding the perfect bedspread: as beautiful as it is practical.

Choosing the right size bedspread

What size should I choose for my bedspread? This question is essential because it is important that it touches the floor. Otherwise, the expected aesthetic effect is not achieved. It loses its initial function which is to protect the sheets, to cover the whole bed and to hide the bed base. It will also bring a lot of softness to your bed, even more if you choose a quilted bedspread. Here are Linenshed's recommended measurements based on the size of your bed:

For a single bed, 90x200, opt for a 180x250 bedspread
For a 140x200 double bed, opt for a 220x250 bedspread
For a 160x250 (or queen-size) bed, buy a 240x250 bedspread

Need a bedspread for a king-size bed ? It is recommended to choose the size 275x250. Not all brands do this. Always choose the right size bedspread! At the risk of being disappointed.

A tip to make sure you choose the right size: measure the height of the bed, multiply it by two and add the width of your mattress. Be careful, this is the minimum size that the bedspread must have, always remember to take a little larger so that the fall is perfect.

A trendy and easy to maintain bedspread

It's chic, it's trendy and it's practical but it must be maintained! Forget about fabrics that are not machine washable or too thick to put in your washing machine. Opt for an easy-care material: linen. Linen can be machine washed at 60° and should not be ironed! Note that only a quality linen offers its advantages. See the article on How to wash linen? Washing, drying and ironing of linen fabrics Click here for more information.

The trend is no longer for an overly imposing bedspread but for a light, flowing bedspread. What could be more annoying than a heavy and difficult to put on bed linen? The linen bedspread is as easy to undo as it is to put on! The bed throw, or boutis will also bring a contrast with your comforter covers. It's up to you to choose the colors! In complementary tones or cameos, all possibilities are open. A mouse gray comforter cover will match perfectly with a pale pink bedspread, or a mustard yellow bedspread for more pizzazz.

Check out our linen bedspreaddesigns. Looking for a romantic bedspread? Choose a linen bedspread with ruffles. Or a more classic bedspread? The quilted linen bedspread evokes the model of a "classic" bedspread but modern in its material.

Hesitating on the color? Match it with your headboard. This will instantly impact the trendy and decorative effect of your bedroom. Whether it is made of fabric, wood or rattan, your bedroom will become a pleasant place for your nights, for all your senses.

All Linenshed bedspreads are available in all sizes and in the colors of your choice!

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