How to take your own measurements before confirming your order?

The characteristics of a garment (size, color, material) can be metaphorically assimilated to those of a human face which expresses its personality, its habits, its way of life. Being in contact with quality clothes that are pleasant to the skin is a simple value to adopt for our comfort and a healthier life. For this, what better way than to dress with linen clothes and accessories! These are healthy clothes that you can wear every day, whether you're going out on the town or staying in cocoon mode at home. Feel the passion for linen, it's natural! Generally speaking, linen clothing runs large. It is therefore advisable to choose a size smaller than your usual size, while knowing that linen relaxes with each wash.

How to measure and choose the size of a garment?

Before ordering your linen garment, refer to the size guide, provided clearly on the site, by carefully reading the information next to the product description. This will prevent you from receiving an inappropriate size as the sizes indicated are standard and do not correspond exactly to your body. After checking the size chart, it is necessary to put yourself in good conditions to take your measurements. First of all, in order to take exact measurements, it is preferable to wear light clothing such as underwear.

Then, while remaining upright, relaxed and breathing out normally, position the tape measure as close to your body as possible without tightening it. If possible, ask someone else to help you for more precise measurements. If you are still unsure of your size, contact customer service to obtain the information you need. Once you have taken your measurements, you can select the appropriate size from the size chart. If your measurements fall between two sizes, we recommend that you always order the next size up.

How to measure yourself

For women's linen garments, please refer to the women's size guide which indicates the standard sizes (from S to XXXXL) that you should take into account according to 3 measurements: chest, waist and hips. For tops (blouse, tank top, top), it is always the length in the center of the back and hips that is indicated. To measure your chest, use the tape measure horizontally under your arms at the strongest point (under your armpits and on your shoulder blades around your back). For dresses and skirts, the length is measured at the center of the back, from the waist to the hem. Measure your waist circumference loosely at the waistline, placing the tape at the thinnest point, usually above the belly button. For hip/buttocks, measure loosely at the widest point of the pelvis. For pants or shorts, the side length is measured from the waist to the base hem including the crotch.

For men's linen clothing, refer to the men's size guide indicating the standard size (from XXS to XXXXL) that you should take into account according to 3 measurements: chest, waist and seat. For tops, it is the length at the center of the back and hips that is indicated. To measure your bust, make sure the tape measure is neither too loose nor too tight and that it lies flat. For pants, pass the tape around your abdomen at the deepest point to measure your waistband and at the widest point of your pelvis to measure your hips/buttocks.