Choose a short linen dress according to your morphology

To choose the outfits that will enhance your shape, it is important to know how to define your body type. You have broad shoulders, but a narrow waist? You probably have a V shape. On the contrary, you will be an A if you have a small chest, but wider hips, or an H if your width is the same from your shoulders to your knees. But for that, you must first be able to have an objective look at yourself: so, to leave your complexes aside and have a reliable assessment, don't hesitate to ask one of your friends! They are there for that.

Once you have defined your body type, choosing an outfit will be much easier. And for the most feminine among you who love to wear dresses, whatever the season, good news! There are so many different cuts and shapes that there is bound to be one that will fit your body perfectly and make you look great. Today we are going to focus on the short dress in linen, a natural fabric with a thousand virtues that has the advantage of providing a style of the most elegant.

The wrap dress to hide a round belly

Many women have a complex about their curves, especially when they concern the stomach and are difficult to erase. However, there is a model of dress that allows you to easily hide a small round belly without losing any of your femininity: the wrap dress. A wardrobe classic, also known as a wrap dress, the wrap dress can be recognized by its cross-over V-neckline and its fabric tie at the waist. Easy to put on, its practicality is also due to the fact that the tie allows a perfect fit even if your morphology changes like when you gain weight. By choosing a thick material like linen and a wide belt, this type of dress will fluidify your curves and will allow you to emphasize them without accentuating them. The linen wrap dress is therefore a good plan if you have a belly.

The low-cut dress for V-shaped morphologies

The low-cut dress will rather concern women whose bust seems more imposing than the waist and the legs: it is what we call the V-shaped morphology. Indeed, as its name indicates, this cut is rather made to mark the waist, and thus accentuate the lower part of the body. It will therefore allow to balance shoulders that we will judge too wide or a too imposing chest for example, coming to underline more the waist and the hips. By choosing a low-waisted dress in linen, you can also add femininity and elegance by taking advantage of its natural fluidity and its soft pastel colors.

The long sleeve dress to slim your hips

Unlike the low-cut dress, the long-sleeved dress will be the main asset of A-shaped morphologies, that is to say for those who would like to erase their hips or thighs in favor of their chest or bust. Indeed, flowing sleeves will dress the upper body in an elegant way, diverting attention from the lower body to the top. So you can even afford a short dress that will illuminate your legs: the balance will be perfect! Again, the beauty of a long-sleeved linen dress lies in its fluidity, which allows you to draw and flatter your curves without making them stand out.

You now have all the cards in hand to choose the linen dress that will sublimate you!