How to choose a fitted sheet

Are you tired of constantly changing your bedding? Tired of having to search and search again to find the right size for your bedding? Tired of watching your fitted sheets wear out? We have the perfect alternative that will meet all your expectations: linen bedding!

Linen: as durable as it is comfortable

Although still not widely used in clothing, linen has been making a comeback in recent years as a reference material for household linen. Indeed, this noble and entirely natural fabric has many virtues that lead people looking for quality to be interested in it. In addition to being produced mainly in France, but also particularly responsible since it requires no chemicals and low water resources, the linen fiber is also very robust and durable over time. Its structure gives it an unequalled solidity, guaranteeing resistance to time, but also to washings. Not only do you no longer risk deforming or damaging your bed linen, but you will also benefit from a fabric that improves over time, and will gradually give up its rough aspect in favor of an incomparable softness.

Moreover, linen fiber also has intrinsic virtues that make it a quality ally for everyday textiles. Indeed, it is firstly appreciated for its unique thermoregulatory effect. As a vegan alternative to sheep's wool, it retains coolness in summer, but also warmth in winter, making it ideal for a bed linen set that will guarantee you comfortable nights. On the other hand, its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties make it the ideal material for people who are sensitive to dust mites, and its absorption capacity will protect you from traces of humidity while ensuring dry nights.

At Linenshed, enjoy a fully customized service

To find the right fitted linen sheet for you and your bedding, we recommend that you turn to the specialist in the field: Linenshed. This manufacturer of linen products offers a wide range of household and bed lin ens that will meet all your expectations. Indeed, the great strength of this French manufacturer is above all to practice the made-to-measure: by making each piece to order, Linenshed allows you to choose among a wide range of dimensions and colors, in order to adapt at best to your interior decoration and your bedding.

From the natural beige color of the linen fiber to a deep and intense mineral gray, through midnight blue, olive green, burgundy or mustard tones, you will be able to choose the color of your fitted sheet among a wide range of tones that will remain intense despite time and washes. In the same way, you will have the choice between many different dimensions to make these linen fitted sheets available for each of the beddings of your house: from the baby bed in 58x118cm to the king size bed in 200x200cm, passing by more than 10 adaptations of different sizes for the single beds as for the double beds, you will inevitably find what you need within this range as complete as varied. The icing on the cake: in order to adapt even better to your bedding, Linenshed also offers you to choose the size of your fitted sheet according to the thickness of your mattress.

So don't wait any longer: switch to a linen fitted sheet to enjoy your nights without any worries!