Wear a comfortable outfit!

Between the various confinements, the Christmas period arriving at full speed and the winter, we spend much more time in our interior, that it is for the daily life but also for work. The desire to dress comfortably outside the usual codes is very present. But there's no way we're going to go for the traditional leggings, sweatshirts or jogging pants that are easy to adopt and grab from the dressing room (which is still perfect from time to time, let's face it!) Linenshed gives you some tips to find your perfect indoor outfits.

Oversize, absolute comfort in clothing

Help yourself to this big 2020 trend and one that will be in 2021 as well. Oversize is perfectly suited to this desire for comfort in your outfit. From loose fitting tunics to loose pants that allow for all the movement, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure you don't go overboard by selecting all the pieces in your look in oversize, which wouldn't enhance your figure at all. Opt for loose-fitting linen pants that will pair perfectly with a jersey top for a sleek, Japanese look. A loose V-neck linen dress will play the role perfectly under an oversized sweater as well. This will show off your legs while adding a light touch to your outfit. Select your oversize piece according to your morphology by focusing on the top or the bottom, not marking your waist if you are in H. Oversize suits all body types! If you are feeling daring, you can also adapt this oversize trend to nightwear pieces mixed subtly with ready-to-wear pieces. A loose fitting kimono, over comfortable jeans, will be an ideal outfit for staying in or even entertaining a few friends, without losing its elegance.

Linen, a soft, pleasant and elegant material

Jersey or cotton are often the first materials we think of when we talk about the comfort of an outfit. Have you tried linen? Light, soft and comfortable, linen is perfect for your indoor wear. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it is the ideal material, which contrary to popular belief, is not seasonally affected. You can wear it under your coat for this winter season, as a dress or a tunic, and it will keep you perfectly warm during the small and big chills. It should also be noted that linen is exceptionally easy to care for: the material becomes softer with each wash, and is perfect for the dryer. It is really a material adapted to everyday life. Linen is available in different models, whether for pants, a dress or even a tunic, there is an embarrassment of choice. It adapts to all your clothing desires ... and especially if you are in a cocooning mood. Go for a long linen shirt, soft and light, loose and elegant that will bring that dressy touch over leggings. You won't deny your style (especially in front of the webcam for a meeting) as well as the comfort of this set. Let's also add that you are investing in a durable piece. Timeless aesthetically, linen is a wardrobe staple. Your linen piece will be totally adaptable with the rest of your wardrobe. Durability through fashion, but also over time. You will be able to keep your garment, wash after wash, moment of life after moment of life, for a few beautiful years.