2021: opt for a simple wedding

Far from ceremonies with great pomp and long processions, more and more couples today opt for a simple wedding in complete privacy. For budgetary reasons sometimes, often to simplify the very complex phase of the preparations, but also to rediscover the pleasure of celebrating a day that is truly in the image of lovers, freed from the different codes and traditions that very often weigh on them in the name of propriety and not of their own volition. So, how to organize your wedding in a sober way, while guaranteeing you a day that will remain forever in your memories? Follow the leader !

The importance of location for an intimate wedding

The choice of location will have a major influence on the kind of wedding you plan. Indeed, not every location lends itself to the same type of reception: for a simple wedding with a reduced number of guests, try to aim for a place of a reasonable size so that the guests are not too scattered to create a warm atmosphere. . In the same way, it is better to choose a place that is close to your place of residence, in order to simplify the procedures, the preparations, and possibly the arrival of the guests. Today, country weddings and natural settings are fashionable: and why not a wedding in the garden? If you don't have one, don't hesitate to ask around, among your friends living in the countryside, and if not, be aware that some parks can be privatized for a day.

Simple yet elegant wedding decor

For the decoration too, it is possible to simplify your life! Nothing obliges you to spend miles and cents or to make elements as complex as original to have a unique and unforgettable wedding. To do this, there are two essential things to know: the first is that recycling is fashionable! Indeed, faced with the consumer society, the alternative of recycling and reuse is gaining more and more followers, as are creative hobbies that invite you to create by yourself from these cheap materials. For a highly personalized decoration, it is therefore ideal! The second is that a simple, but good quality material will always be better than a lot of cheap frills. For tables, for example, nothing is more elegant than a beautiful natural-coloured linen tablecloth, without decoration or pattern! It will have a much better effect than a synthetic tablecloth which, in addition, will have a much shorter lifespan.

Free yourself from codes for a day in your image

Who said that a happy marriage had to be a traditional marriage? Among the many symbols found in each ceremony, many are not mandatory, and nothing prevents you from keeping only those that are really important to you. You don't want a broom wagon? So get married on a motorcycle! And the bouquet throw for those with allergies? Too bad for those who hoped to catch it! The same goes for the outfit of the bride and groom: so why not leave aside the traditional white dress and the eternal tuxedo, for outfits in which you will be perfectly comfortable throughout the day? A beautiful women's white linen tunic for her, elegant men's linen trousers matched with a light shirt for him, and voila, without forcing the bride and groom to plan a different outfit to enjoy the evening! Now it's up to you, let your imagination run wild to create a ceremony in your image, with ease!