Linen Blackout Curtain (rect. custom size)
Linen Blackout Curtain (rect. custom size)
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Lilac
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Brick
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Natural
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, French Blue
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Coral
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Icy Blue
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Jet-black
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Green Olive
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Ivory
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Lead grey
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Mustard
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Nude
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Optic white
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Night Blue
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Stone grey
Linen Blackout Curtain in custom size, Burgundy

Linen Blackout Curtain (rect. custom size)

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Brexit Update

All taxes are included in the prices.

This listing is for one Linen Blackout Curtain. Tiesbacks are not included in this listing but can be ordered separately here.

It is advise to wash them not higher than 30 degrees, and line dry your curtain to avoid excessive shrinkage. If tumble dry, select low temperature setting.

*Please note: Custom size Linen curtains cannot be returned.

Made from 100% pure linen, our luxurious curtains are the ideal solution to your summertime worries. Our beautiful linen blackout curtains feature two layers - one front linen layer that falls naturally crumpled and one thick polyester panel at the back that helps prevent sunlight from entering your room.

Keep the sun out with blackout curtains made from the same quality linen used in our luxury pyjamas. These curtains are casual and homely, yet elegant and chic in style. Any room of your house will benefit from them. You can find linen curtains and drapes of varying styles with us. With a choice of 16 colors, you can choose yours from our extensive collection.

Our blackout curtains come in a variety of plain and ruffled designs and are made from locally sourced, high-quality linen. All of our curtains are homespun, ensuring the most superior stitching and finishing. Thread counts remains the same,  whatever the style you choose.

Choose Linenshed for a wonderful collection of sophisticated and stunning linen curtains. Our linen products are sure to add to the elegance of your home!


The Benefits of Linen 

Linen is one of the most versatile of fabrics available and this makes it such a favourite amongst

homeowners. Linen curtains are light and airy, making them easy to install when compared to bulky cotton or woollen curtains. Linen curtains don’t wrinkle as much as silk, silk-blend and cotton-blend fabrics as well, making maintenance absolutely trouble-free.

Linen as a material is aesthetically stunning. It has a wonderful fall and finishes, making your curtains look elegant and stylish. Brilliant in texture and tone, these linen curtains from Linenshed are the perfect choice for your home and office alike.

Additionally, linen curtains provide a lot of benefits to the home. These blackout bedroom curtains perform two functions – they provide thermal insulation that can help keep the heat inside your home during long winter months and they will help you save on the air conditioning during the hottest days of summer. This way, you only need to invest in one set of fabric, as opposed to two.

Linen curtains are favoured because of their high quality and durability. While cotton, woolen and Georgette curtains may cost significantly lesser than linen, however, they aren’t as sturdy and long lasting. You may need to pay a higher price today, but once you make this investment, you will have gorgeous blackout bedroom curtains that will last you for years to come.

A fact about linen that most people don’t know is that it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Linen is a material that is used in surgical sutures as it allows injuries to heal without causing infections or bacterial growth. Using linen fabrics in your house will prevent microbes and mould from growing on them. This will ensure greater health and safety for you and your loved ones. Additionally, linen doesn’t get soiled as easily as other fabrics and is relatively safe from moulds and microbes.

This makes washing and ironing easy. Your linen drapes won’t need as much cleaning as your cotton ones do.

Choosing linen blackout drapes will be the best decision you make when sprucing up your bedding. The linen blackout curtains at Linenshed are made with a protective layer of blackout lining and a polyester panel. Linen curtains that don’t have a blackout lining are at a risk of fading due to direct exposure to sunlight. By using blackout lining, you are preventing your linen curtains from losing colour. The unique polyester fabric used makes your blackout curtains one of the best linen fabrics available.

Do you need curtain tabs or fixtures to hang your new custom blackout curtains? Look no further than Linenshed. You can choose either back tabs for sliding the curtains onto a rod or a woven heading tape fixture if you wish to hang the curtains on rings of a railing. Take a look at our stock and select the product that suits your requirements.

We also sell curtain panels and a whole host of other drapery-related products on our website. The curtain panels are sold individually and are available in 15 colours, which you can see in the swatch menu. From slate grey to salmon, you have a staggering number of options to choose from.

Linenshed also sells a wide range of linen bedding across the UK. From pillow cases to quilts, our collection of 100% pure linen products will astound you. We also stock gorgeous and beautiful fitting linen loungewear for women. Take a look at our website for more information about our various products.

Don’t hesitate to email our customer support team with your queries and concerns. We are always here to help. Linenshed ships products across the world and any purchase above £200 is eligible for free shipping.

Please note: Curtains ordered with metal grommets are not eligible for a return or exchange. if you select this option, consider to add 3 cm to the lenght of your curtain corresponding to the distance between the inner top of the grommet to the top seam of the curtain.

*We don't accept orders for curtains below 100 cm width.

Depending on the width of your rod:

  • When you have measured the width of your rod, multiply by a minimum of 1.5 or by 2 to have a nice S fold effect with your curtain.
  • You can choose to have two curtains or just one depending on the distance you have planned on the side of your windows.
  • For example, for a window of 2 meters wide, purchase 2 panels of 1.50 m wide or 2 m wide or 1 single panel 4 m wide.

Depending on the height of your window:

  • Confirm the length of your curtains by measuring the size from the top of your rod to the floor, or from the top of your rod to the edge of your window or radiator.
  • If you opt for curtains with a blackout lining, it is important that your curtain extends generously in height and width from your window frame.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that we place the blackout lining 5 cm shorter than the linen panel to prevent it from exceeding its weight, twice as much as linen.
  • The blackout lining is sewn on the top and on both sides of the curtain to allow the fluidity of the linen panel to flow freely.
  • If you choose to fix your curtains with metal eyelets, allow 3 cm more in height, corresponding to the distance between the inside of the eyelet (4 cm in diameter) and the upper edge of the curtains.

Caring for linen items is rather simple and straightforward. Here are some basic rules you may follow to make the most of your linen articles.

If you wash by hand:

  • Take a small bucket or use a sink with lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of mild detergent.
  • Immerse the linen item into your container and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Stir gently the item around. Do not twist the fabric because it may stretch the fabric.
  • Empty the soapy water and rinse a couple of times until all the soap residue is totally gone. Hang your item to dry.

If you machine wash your linen:

  • Avoid mixing white, dark and coloured items. It is advised to turn your linen inside out and wash separately from other fabrics. Do not overload the machine.
  • To be energy efficient and to preserve the life span of your linen, wash it in lukewarm water only. Excessive temperature may cause a shrinkage of over 5%, which could be a serious issue for items such as bed skirts or curtains.
  • Use only mild detergent formulated for delicate fabrics.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Never pour detergent directly on dry linen as that may stain the fabric. Always dilute the detergent before putting it into your machine.
  • Avoid electric dryers or use at a low or medium setting to avoid damaging the linen fabric and getting excessive shrinkage.
  • If you can hang dry your linen, the wind and the sun will do a better job.

We ship to the UK and the rest of Europe from Lisbon/Portugal

We ship items from our workshop to the UK. For the rest of Europe, please visit this store, . VAT and all taxes are included in our store prices for Europe as well as for UK.

Please contact us if your country is not included in the list to assist you further with the delivery to your country. At Linenshed, we will make everything possible.

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For refused shipments, Linenshed will not refund any shipping charge.


Should i pay taxes at receipt of the parcel in UK?

All taxes are included in our pricing. 

What is your shipping schedule?

We are shipping everyday from Portugal to the rest of Europe.

How long does it take to have my order shipped?

Most of the orders are processed and ready to ship within 8 to 12 days. Once your parcel has been dispatched, you will receive a confirmation of the Tracking number by email within the next day. 

How long does it take to receive my parcel?

For UK we are shipping all parcels within 5-8 working days.

Does Linenshed ship worldwide?

Linenshed is already shipping to more than 30 countries worldwide but in case you are living in a country that is not listed on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to deliver your order after we have opened the service for your destination.

How much should I pay for my shipment?

Once you have kept items into the cart, you can instantly know the courier cost for your parcel. Just click on “Edit Cart” and fill your destination into our “Shipping Estimate” window featured at the bottom of the cart page.

Return & Exchange

What is Linenshed Return Policy?

Not satisfied with your purchase? Our customer service team is at your service to help you to process your request for return!

Please initiate your request using the "submit a return" option located at the foot of the homepage and follow the instructions.

Items from Home Wear and Casual Wear collection, Custom Sized items, fabric by the meter, Quilted bedspreads, and selected items (please see the article description) are not eligible for return as they are custom made as per your size and color. Only in the case of evident defect shown on the product, we will accept your return. Please send photos prior to receiving our acceptance for return.

My Package was damage at receipt, should I refuse delivery?

If your packaging is damaged at reception, please don’t accept the delivery as Linenshed won’t take any liability for any damage caused to the products. Please claim immediately in the presence of the courier officer, take pictures in their presence and send us an email to report it. Accepting a damaged package and signing for good receipt means you approved the package to be received in a good state.

My product shows some defect, what should I do?

LINENSHED team and our seamstresses are fully committed to providing the highest quality bedding and clothing ever. However, if you find a fault in our product, or the product is not conformed to the order, the product will be refunded or exchanged. Any claim, supported by photos should be introduced within 24 hours. Please don’t open a dispute by Paypal or give negative feedback prior that our customer service could find an amicable solution with you. Linenshed will decide whether you need to return the product to evaluate the defect. A slight difference in color is not considered as a defect, returns won’t be accepted for such reason.


How do I pay my order?

Our store offers Paypal and all major credit cards as payment method to settle down your purchase, we don’t accept bank transfer or cheque.

By using Paypal, you can either debit your own Paypal account or pay without being a Paypal member with a debit or credit card.

Are my data protected when I checkout?

We are working with third-party payment gateway and we have therefore no direct access to private information related to the payment transactions.

Apart from that, any information we collect in relation with your order is kept strictly secured. Linenshed won’t share with third parties or use this information for any purpose without your consent under any circumstances.

Where can I keep special instructions on my order?

If you wish to keep a note about your cart/order, you need to select “Edit Cart” prior to checking out. One “Special Instructions” window is featured on the cart page where you can draft your request.


Are you using various types of weight, thread count or linen quality in your collection?

All our bedding and clothing items are made from the same highest quality French linen featuring the same weight ( 185gsm / 5.50oz sq yd), thread count and feel.

Does the linen fabric shrinks? 

Yes, as all natural material the linen material may shrink up to 3 % during the first washing cycles.

How should I care for my linens?

All our linen products are machine washable and come with a care label with washing instructions. Please visit our page for full care instructions.

What should I pay attention while ordering a fitted sheet?

The size of your mattress is the size to take into consideration to order a fitted sheet, measure carefully your mattress if you are not sure about its size, and check whether you need to get the additional deep pocket option from our dropdown menu. Our Standard size is 15" / 38 cm.

What if I want a different size or color to what is listed in your shop?

If you are requiring custom size for a duvet cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet or bed skirt which is not listed, you can select the closest size listed and mention the size you need into "Special Instructions" after you have selected "Edit Cart" and we will custom make your item accordingly. If you wish to have your own color combination for a Duvet cover or some loungewear, just indicate your choice of colors and we will make it at no extra charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sarah A
Love our linen blackout curtains!

I did a lot of market research before buying our first Linenshed blackout curtains over 3 years ago and am so pleased with the quality of our floor length natural blackout curtains that I have bought 22 of them, most recently replacing unlined linen curtains from another place with Linenshed blackout curtains in our bay windows. Easy to wash, high quality and beautiful to look at. I’m a very happy customer! Photos include a window with one old, unlined curtain and one lovely, new Linenshed blackout curtain. Even better, GB customers pay no customs or VAT after Brexit. These curtains are great value 😍🙏🙏

Perfect and beautifully made

I am delighted with our blackout curtains. They look beautiful and work really well, even though they are white. The curtains fit well on the pole and slide really easily, and the custom sizing is perfect. They arrived quickly and well packaged. It always feels a risk to buy online, but I am really happy and appreciate the other positive reviews as i might not have done it otherwise.

Charlotte I
Lovely curtains

Beautiful colour, great quality and the blackout is very effective

Manuela Cecini
A dream!

Absolutely amazing blackout curtains

Amanda M
Lovely curtains & service

Like others I looked long & hard for the perfect linen curtains. The colours are just beautiful & look wonderful in our cottage. So far I have ordered: ice blue, light grey, mustard, & ice blue again. Shopping online can be such a lottery, which is why I want to take the time to recommend a very good product and service.

Katie F.
Outstanding quality and fantastic service

fantastic- i am so pleased with my linen curtains. I bought the made to measure blackout in dark grey linen.

The quality is incredible, they are so well made and very soft. They are so elegant and have transformed the room and i will be buying more of these as I re-decorate.

Outstanding service- the made to measure service took about 4 days from my order to uk delivery.

Great value.
Thank you

Daniel G.
Well chuffed

Ordered two pairs of custom sized blackouts in ivory.
I’m made up with these curtains, they’re very well made, do a good job of keeping the light out and really tie the room together.
I trawled the Internet for lined linen curtains and these were the best priced by far.
The order process was simple and they were delivered about ten days after ordering. Will definitely be ordering more when the time comes... worth noting that they are shipped from Portugal so order quick before the Brexit tariffs kick in!

Antonia J.
Mustard curtain with light blackout lining

Beautiful colour and texture

Kamalika S.
Excellent linen - blocks light effectively

I love the linen curtains I have purchased from Linenshed. Blocks the light very well. They are good value for money I feel, very well made. I've ordered more for other bedrooms and the living room! Just one point to caution - I washed the curtains before hanging and they shrunk by a good 4-5cm in length. Luckily they're just the right length coming down to my window-sill after shrinking - so order your length accordingly.

elizabeth clarke

So pleased with the quality of the curtains. We ordered the natural with black out lining and are so happy with the quality we are now ordering for the rest of the house after looking through the swatches received with our curtains. Thank you :)

The different hanging methods

Metallic grommets

Back tabs

Self fabric strings

Woven heading tape

Tab top