Duvet Cover Basic

Duvet Cover Basic

Does your duvet become soiled or dirty easily? Are you spending pounds on having your duvets and comforters cleaned? Then maybe it’s time you bought a linen duvet cover.

Duvet covers are the best ways to keep your quilts, duvets and comforters clean. By using them, you no longer need to spend time and finances on maintaining them. Linenshed brings you exquisite duvet covers at affordable prices. All of our duvet covers are made of 100% linen fabric, making them the perfect choice for your bedding. Take a look at our website and find a spectacular washed linen duvet cover that suits your tastes and requirements.

You would have seen duvet covers that are made of cotton, silk, flannel and synthetic. While all these fabrics are good, they don’t offer the benefits that linen does. Linen duvet covers provide homeowners certain unique benefits. See what we mean below!

Easy Maintenance

Linen is a user-friendly material and this makes linen duvet covers extremely easy to wash and handle. Linen duvet covers also become softer with every wash, making them extremely comfortable to sleep in. Additionally, they don’t wrinkle as much as the silk and cotton duvet covers do and ironing is also hassle-free.

Various Colours

Many people have the misconception that linens aren’t colourful. But, nothing can be farther from the truth. From beige to blue, at Linenshed, we stock a wide variety of washed linen duvet covers. You can take a look at the colours we offer on the swatch on our website.


Unlike cotton duvet covers, linens aren’t bulky and this makes storage, handling and transportation easy. As they don’t take up a lot of space, you could store them in compact spaces.

Hypo-Allergenic Linen

This is the main reason for you to invest in a linen duvet cover. Linen is an extremely healthy fabric. It prevents dust from collecting and stops the growth of mould, fungi and bacteria. This ensures greater safety and hygiene for you and your family.

If you have little ones in the house, it’s best to use a linen duvet. Linens are skin-friendly and non-abrasive, ensuring your children are safe and protected when they play or fall asleep on the bed.

High Durability

Linen fibres do not stretch and are resistant to the damage caused by abrasive chemicals. This makes them highly durable and long lasting. It is also one of the reasons why new linen duvets are more expensive when compared to cotton or synthetic ones. However, remember that a pricey investment today will lead to your having superior-quality natural linen sheets and bedding for years.

No Shrinkage or Colour Loss

Fabrics such as flannel and cotton sometimes shrink and lose colour, leading to your duvet covers looking misshapen and drab. Linens, on the other hand, don’t create such problems. With linen duvet covers, you will have a gorgeous piece of bedding that remains attractive and shapely after multiple washes and years of use.

Temperature Regulation

While you may need to change your cotton duvet covers for the winter, you never need to worry about replacing your duvet covers. A key feature of linen is how it regulates temperature. During summer, your duvet cover will cool your bedding and during winter, they will help insulate you against the cold.

Apart from these benefits, your linen duvet covers help make your room look aesthetically elegant. They are the perfect choice when it comes to duvet covers.

Linenshed sources only the highest quality linen for its duvet covers. Our French flax seeds are hand grown and all of our fabrics are homespun, ensuring superior quality finishing. Our duvet covers come in different thread counts, offering you a variety of choices. Be sure to visit our website for top-quality linen duvets.

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At Linenshed, we stock a comprehensive range of 100% linen products. From blackout curtains to pillowcases, you can find the product of your choice. Our bedding products come in various price categories, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

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