Why should you make your own detergent


How can you and why should you make your own detergent for washing linens?

Do you really love linens for your home and as clothing, and would like to know how to maintain them better? You are charmed by the idea of making your own detergent, but don’t know which ingredients to favor? Learn our tips to learn how to and why you should make your own detergent for washing linens.


Why should you make your own detergent for washing linens?

Making your own detergent to wash linens offers many advantages:

It’s better for your linens: you have completely mastered the ingredients to add to your detergent. You maintain your linens and would like to take the best possible care of them. You’ve especially cast aside chlorine-based detergents which tend to turn linens yellow. Making your own detergent is above all it is respectful of linens.

It’s better for your health: Do you experience eczema or allergies? Do your hands ever feel irritated and/or your fingernails damaged. This could be because of your detergent. You wear your clothing directly on your skin, and this is not inconsequential. Industrial detergents contain products that are on occasion toxic, dangerous to your health, and bad for your linens as well.

It’s greener: Chemicals in industrial detergents can be very polluting. What’s more, we’re ever accumulating plastic containers that are not good for the planet. You can use a glass container for the detergent and keep it for a long time.

It’s more respectful to animals: sometimes industrial products are tested on animals. Your home-made detergent won’t harm our animal friends!

Icing on the cake: It’s very nice to do something yourself. You can be proud of yourself!


How do you make your own detergent for linens? | Our recipe

Here’s our recipe for DIY liquid detergent for linens. It is easy and quick to make.


Our recipe for liquid detergent


50g of Olive Oil Marseille soap flakes, 1 liter of hot water, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 30-40 drops of an essential oil of your choice (lemon, sweet orange, lavender).


Dissolve the Marseilles soap flakes in the liter of hot water. Then add the baking soda and let the resulting mixture cool. We advise that you use a blender (such as an immersion blender) to get a well-blended detergent. Finally, add the essential oil of your choosing and mix well. Remember to shake the mixture vigorously before each use. We recommend using a capful of detergent for a 6 kg machine.


Characteristics of the ingredients:

Marseille soap: ideal for a wash that’s respectful of linens, your skin, and the environment. It is perfect for linens.

Baking soda: It removes stains on linens and makes your homemade detergent more effective. It is biodegradable, green, and non-toxic

Essential Oil: It will above all add a scent to your detergent and allow your linens to smell good. Don’t hesitate to ask for your pharmacist’s advice on preferred essential oils.

From time to time, we advise you to add some white vinegar to your machine. It’s a good sanitizer and natural softener with the added benefit of being inexpensive. In addition, it is a good natural descaler that cleans your washing machine.


Now you hold the key. You know how and why to make your own detergent for washing linens. Now it’s time for you to you to try it out!