A quilted bedspread to warm up the fall.

Comfort, softness and warmth. Autumn is fast approaching... Shorter, cooler days where it will be nice to go home, warm in your cozy little cocoon. What could be better than a quilted bedspread to welcome those cozy nights? The perfect piece to finish off your decoration, the quilted bedspread is perfect to accompany you during the first chill of autumn, and even winter.

The quilted bedspread, perfect to complete your bedding

The perfect finishing touch to your bedroom and bed, the quilted linen bedspread is a must-have for the detail-oriented. This large, full-coverage piece brings unity to your decor, as well as a touch of comfort and softness, directly echoing your cozy desires this season.

Linenshed offers different models and colors to suit all your tastes. White quilted bedspread for the most classic, khaki or mustard quilted bedspread for the most trendy, but also a two-tone model (according to your choice among 16 colors) for the undecided, or for people wishing to bring some harmony to the bedroom. The advantages of a Linenshed bedspread? Large widths are available to fit your bedding and a beautiful linen of very good quality, durable and easy to maintain.

The different fillings

The quilted bedspread cotton version

Different fillings are available at Linenshed. The cotton filled bedspread is perfect for the first cold days. Coupled with linen, this type of filling is perfect for any season. Warm in winter, cool in summer, the thermal properties of linen are applied to this quilted bedspread. Lightweight, it contains no synthetics and is 100% cotton. This makes it a 100% natural bedspread, without any questionable materials or chemicals. It is available in a single color but also in a two-tone version (16 colors available)

The wool quilted bedspread

For those who are more chilly, this quality quilted bedspread is available with a wool filling. Soft to the touch, it is extremely comfortable and will bring you an incomparable feeling of warmth. Its large squares of 20 x 20 cm will perfectly keep the spirit of this bed piece. It will not deform over the nights and will keep its filling well in place.

Just like the cotton filling, this one is 100% natural. This quilted bedspread with wool will be perfect for people with asthma or dust mite allergies. Dust mites do not live in wool, making it a healthy piece of bedding.

In addition, all Linenshed household and bed linens are OEKO-TEX certified. This label guarantees thatno chemicals are used in the production of your quilted bedspread. Good for you, good for your family and good for the environment! Perfect for long winter mornings... or for sleeping in.