Wear linen for life events (wedding, communion...)

A noble and elegant material par excellence, linen is composed of natural fibers that have many pleasant properties. Often put on the front of their collections by great designers, it is very appreciated on many occasions. Its warm and breathable properties make it comfortable in winter and summer. This material seduces all lovers of naturalness since linen is adorned with a sober and soft grey color. It is also an ecological material, whose cultivation requires little water and of which France is one of the largest growers.

An elegant material for men and women for all occasions

You can wear linen clothes in your everyday life as well as for more formal occasions. It's a material that combines a fluid look with an elegant look. In the summer, you can wear a casual style while enjoying breathable, comfortable and harmonious clothes. Linen can also be worn in winter, as it is a material that automatically regulates heat. It also neutralizes sweaty odors. You can adopt a bohemian look as soon as spring comes, with linen flowing shorts, high-waisted for women, that go down to mid-thigh, thus highlighting all types of morphologies. You will also be pleased to wear a linen tunic for women, which does not shape the figure and allows ease of movement while enjoying a great lightness. It is the refined linen outfit par excellence. For important moments, weddings, christenings or communions for example, you can opt for a woman's linen dress, both simple and bohemian, which will be unanimously appreciated by the other guests. Long dresses are very fashionable and will suit taller women very well, while a knee-length dress will enhance the shape of a smaller woman. For men, opt for a white linen shirt, or for linen pants, which are comfortable and very elegant. Women also appreciate linen tops, decorated with thin straps: they are very simple clothes, essential in a dressing room, that you can wear to work as well as in the evening, with a matching skirt.

How to harmonize an outfit that includes linen?

This plant-based, eco-friendly material immediately gives an outfit a very elegant feel. Whether you wear a linen jumpsuit or just a little touch, you'll immediately feel at your best in a bohemian chic look. Linen works well with colorful and floral accessories. Opt for a scarf to tie your hair together or brightly colored earrings. You can also provide a handbag with patterns, very spring. As for shoes, avoid sandals or ballerinas, not modern enough, and go for white sneakers or derbies that will give a real boost to your outfit. Be careful, avoid the total linen look so as not to overdo it. Whether you are a man or a woman, a flowing shirt will go perfectly with straight jeans. Men's linen shorts are also very popular, while pinstripe pants are back in the spotlight. A small linen top will sublimate a cotton short. And why not fall for the originality of a linen blazer? Worn over a cotton jumpsuit, it will look great. In winter, opt for a wool cardigan to match your linen shirt. This material also goes very well with leather.