Linen, timeless for summer

In the summer, with the stifling heat, we generally prefer to wear light, comfortable and pleasant clothes. Without neglecting the elegance. Linen has many qualities for the hot season. Do you know the advantages of linen for clothing and how to wear them every day?

3 advantages of linen for clothing

A pleasant material to wear!

Linen clothes are very soft on the skin. It is a light material. It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It also limits irritation. Linen is therefore perfectly suited to the most sensitive skins.

Linen, a thermoregulating material

Linen is a thermoregulating fabric that brings freshness in summer. It allows to limit perspiration because it has the property to absorb water. It is also insulating. You will not have any sensation of humidity even in case of strong heat. It also dries very quickly. A point not to be neglected if you want to dress your children with linen.

A natural and elegant material

Linen, a natural and vegetable fiber, is even a vegan alternative to wool. A noble material par excellence, linen is known to be very chic and elegant. A way to distinguish yourself with style while wearing comfortable clothes. It is often difficult to combine the two. With linen, you will be as comfortable as refined.

How to wear linen? Our tips and look ideas

Love linen and want to wear it, but never know how to combine it? Follow our tips and look ideas!

Tips on how to wear linen well

Linen can be worn with other fabrics and for any occasion. From casual chic to sophisticated for special occasions and ceremonies, linen is your ally no matter what the occasion. Choose a piece adapted to your size. It should not be too big and yawn. The desired effect would then be broken. Conversely, if you wear a linen garment that is too tight, it won't look good and you won't feel comfortable. It would be a shame to miss out on the comfort of linen. We advise you to wear a belt with your linen pants. This will emphasize its fluidity. Let yourself be tempted by the total linen look. Add a belt and nice leather sandals that will form a beautiful harmony and reveal your natural elegance. Don't hesitate to combine cotton with linen, without forgetting modern accessories. Linen also looks great with jeans. Let your desires speak for themselves and create your own style. Looking for more linen look ideas? Follow our tips.

Our linen look ideas for women and men

For a woman

For the lady, show off your summer tan by wearing a white or beige linen tank top with a flowing black or colorful skirt. You can choose a linen outfit, pants and jacket, with a lace top. A linen wrap dress, accompanied by a nice pair of leather sandals, will be very pleasant to wear in summer and will make you look good. We don't think much about it but women's linen clothes for the city are perfectly adapted for the office as well as for leisure time. Do not hesitate any more!

For a man

Linen also invites itself in the dressing room of men. On weekends, try a pair of linen shorts with a T-shirt and sneakers. At the office, you can opt for a casual linen pants for men with a shirt and derbies. Another possibility: a linen tunic with short sleeves will give elegance to jeans. With linen, the possibilities are endless and you can vary your outfits endlessly, depending on the day and your mood. This comfortable material will accompany you with elegance all summer long!