Linen, the enemy of dust mites?

Linen, the enemy of dust mites?

Choosing the right bed linen is not an insignificant issue. If you want to keep dust mites away from your bedroom, prefer linen fabric. It will indeed minimise risks of allergies due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Flax will stop dust mites from making a home there, and these parasites are quite hard to get rid off. So for pleasant, comfortable nights, choose linen bedding, which will significantly minimise their presence and protect your skin.

Tackling the plague of dust mites in your home

Dust mites might be tiny but they can cause havoc, especially if you are allergic to them. They reproduce rapidly in spite of their short life span (6 weeks). Moreover, they love beds, fitted carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and carpets. These little parasites are responsible for many allergies. But one of the ways to reduce their presence is to get linen fabric, which will stop them from spreading and improve your daily comfort and well-being.


Flax, an antifungal, bacteriostatic fibre

Unlike some synthetics, flax is a natural, noble material, renowned for its strong anti-allergy properties. Its texture stops bacteria from growing, making it a powerful tool against dust mites. This textile having proved its worth, it is used daily by people who have skin reactions such as allergies, eczema, etc.

Most often, flax is used to make sheets, but also clothes and household linen. Bearing in mind that we spend half of the time sleeping, it is essential to feel good in healthy sheets that will not attack our body or skin. Choosing a natural, eco-friendly fabric such as linen will help you fight dust mites and bacteria and provide for a peaceful sleep. Linen will become a central ally in your daily life.

So go ahead and try linen bedding! You will quickly notice the difference, especially if you are used to other fabrics.


Simple tips to get rid of dust mites

Dust mites are everywhere, even in the cleanest apartments or houses. If you do not suffer from allergy, you probably won’t feel any discomfort. Otherwise you will find it difficult to bear the presence of such parasites. The best way to keep them at bay is to own a anti-dust mite mattress, keep your bedroom window open for half an hour everyday to air it and maintain an indoor temperature of 18-19°C. As far as your bedclothes are concerned, you can use linen sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases to protect your mattress, duvet and pillows.

Flax is waterproof and antiallergenic thanks to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, and comforts and soothes the skin of people with itchy or irritated skin. It is also recommended to wash your sheets regularly and to avoid buying pieces of furniture and fabrics that attract dust mites like magnets. Finally, to clean your home, dust the place once a week, ban chemicals, shake the carpets outside and prefer natural or homemade products – simple routines that everyone can apply on a daily basis.