Linen by the meter for the manufacture of clothing

Linen is becoming more and more trendy and many designers are putting it at the forefront of their collections. Would you like to enjoy the softness and suppleness of these natural fibers? Then choose to make your clothes using linen sold by the meter. You will be able to personalize your creations, while wearing what you really like.

The benefits of linen by the yard

Buying linen by the yard opens up many possibilities. You will be able to make clothes and curtains that are completely custom-made, taking into account only your tastes and needs. You will also save money, since fabric by the meter costs less than fabric that has already been cut and sewn. You can easily find fabric by the yard in large widths, allowing you to bring large projects to life. Linen sold by the yard comes in many colors: soft, natural shades like brick, lilac or olive green. It is an excellent quality fabric that will not warp after its first wash.

Natural linen also has many properties that will quickly seduce you: it is thermoregulatory and you can wear linen clothes in summer as well as in winter since this fabric will isolate your skin from the cold as well as the heat. Linen is also ecological and hypoallergenic. It is a very light and airy material, so it quickly wicks away moisture from body perspiration. It will become more and more supple and pleasant to the touch as it is cleaned. It can be machine washed at 60°C without using any bleaching agent. Avoid mixing linen with polyester items in the machine. The latter will form light deposits that could get stuck in the linen fibers.

For drying, prefer air drying, even though linen can be dried in the dryer without damaging it. Be careful, never wring it out for fear of breaking the fibers. Remember also that it is a material that wrinkles very easily and therefore requires ironing after each wash. Take advantage of a quality linen by the meter to make the new decoration of your living room: curtains, cushion covers, upholstery for your chairs and your sofa.

Which garments should be made from linen and how should they be sewn?

Linen is particularly easy to sew since it is a fabric that does not have a direction. You don't have to worry about right sides or wrong sides! Whether you are sewing by hand or by machine, linen is easy to handle. You can use both cotton and polyester thread: stitch 2.5 mm to 3 mm long for best visual results! For the finishing touches, use English seams. You can also easily create buttonholes and add snaps or zippers. Opting for linen by the meter in the color you like will allow you to make outfits for every day or for your evenings dressed up according to your taste. Linen is indeed a very versatile material that can be worn as well as for important events. It all depends on what you match it with.

Whether it's a pair of pants, a tunic or a linen jacket, you'll always feel comfortable. Linen can also be used to create home furnishings. Enhance your living space with long, airy curtains made of natural linen fibers.