Linen underwear

The existence of linen underwear is not new. Through archaeological research, bras, panties and even linen shirts dating back to the Middle Ages (more than 600 years ago) were discovered by Austrian researchers in Lengberg Castle. Béatrix Nutz, an archaeology researcher at the University of Innsbruck, and her team found a collection of more than 2,700 different pieces of underwear in a well-protected area of the castle. The collection was recently uncovered in 2008. This new historical find proves that linen is a healthy fiber that stands the test of time! With linen being an undeniable timeless material, linen underwear will certainly regain its place in fashion and wardrobes!

What are the advantages of linen?

Linen is a natural fiber, known for its anti-allergenic and thermoregulatory properties. It has the particularity of absorbing up to 20% of humidity without leaving any trace and of being respectful of sensitive and reactive skins (allergies, eczema...). Linen is a timeless fabric that resists over time, as it does not distort or fluff up even after several washes.

This textile is a sure value in terms of comfort and softness in contact with the skin. It offers a sensation of coolness in summer and warmth in winter for a guaranteed well-being day and night. Linen combines comfort and elegance and attracts more and more people who make it a material of choice in their daily lives: from bed linen to household linen, from street clothes to underwear. The qualities of linen are undeniable, because to try it is to adopt it!

Why choose linen underwear?

Linen is a 100% vegetable material, insulating and breathable, which can be a good alternative to cotton when choosing your underwear. Indeed, some people being allergic to cotton are not especially aware that linen could be a solution. Although this textile is less known and popular for underwear, it is nevertheless known for its comfortable, silky and hypoallergenic side. Feeling good in your underwear is important for both men (boxer shorts, briefs, linen boxers...) and women (bra, panties, bodysuit...). Each one must find the style, the size and the material which it needs in order to feel lightness and comfort to carry its underwear.

The trend for men and women

For women, panties are making a comeback in fashion. So, don't hesitate any longer, and offer yourself a pair of linen panties in neutral, two-tone or printed colors according to your taste. Thanks to the soft texture of linen, you will enjoy absolute comfort and protection against potential itching or irritation. Choosing a linen panty with ruffles for example, will add a touch of elegance and romance to your style.

For men who are looking for comfort and elegance, choosing linen boxers in natural or bright colors is ideal! By wearing linen boxers, you will feel good throughout the day thanks to the 100% natural fibers of linen and its breathability. When it comes to care, linen boxers are easy to machine wash and will soften after several washes.

Follow the care instructions on the label of your underwear to avoid damaging them in the wash and to keep them in good condition as long as possible. So, don't wait any longer, and choose underwear made of natural linen fibers for an optimal comfort and an aerated and protected skin. You won't be able to do without them!