Linen, the perfect garment for the home

Linen is a timeless material from season to season that has occupied a privileged place in the clothing and home sector for several years. Whether it is for the upper or lower body or whether it is worn by men or women, linen adapts to each morphology and clothing style. Are you looking for a fabric that is ecological, refined, hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and easy to maintain? Opt for the linen fabric that will give you a feeling of comfort and lightness to spend a relaxing day at home or soft and pleasant nights. Linen has many advantages that will make you want to wear linen clothes in everyday life.

A 100% natural and ecological material

The ecology takes more and more place in our way of life whether it is our choice of material goods or food. More and more people are becoming followers of natural and ecological products. And linen is part of these new consumption habits. Flax is eco-responsible because its production requires neither watering nor fertilizing. Linen is entirely biodegradable and its manufacturing process is carried out through non-chemical processes. Linen fabric, made from French textile fibers, is also an anti-stress material with restorative effects on sleep and a protective barrier against dust mites and other parasitic microorganisms.

Linen is waterproof and anti-allergic

It is a fabric that captures moisture, brings coolness in summer and retains heat during winter periods by its insulating and breathing power. Linen is a powerful antiperspirant that is able to absorb nearly 20% of moisture without leaving any trace. It is a healthy and anti-allergic material that protects the most fragile skins from potential bacteria that could cause dermatological problems (irritations, itching and eczema). Unlike other fabrics (cotton, hemp, polyester, viscose...), linen will be the ideal choice for your home and nightwear for a feeling of well-being every day.

An easy care fabric

If you want a garment that does not require ironing and is easy to care for, choose washed linen with its sought-after crumpled effect and its very good quality texture. Linen garments are durable, do not warp or peel, even after several machine washes. Linen is the most resistant textile fiber and softens over the years. Thus, it will avoid you to repurchase often. Regarding the washing, it is recommended to wash your linen clothes up to 40°C. To dry, let them air dry, being careful to stretch them to avoid wrinkles. You will have a more flexible fabric.

An elegant and comfortable fabric

Known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, linen is prized for its comfort and elegance. Opting for linen means dressing in a simple way while affirming a casual and chic style. Want to spend a cocooning day at home or a nice night's sleep? Opt for a loose-fitting pantsuit, linen shorts or a long linen nightgown for a classic, casual look. Alternatively, wear a long linen nightgown or a linen nightie with thin straps for a chic and sensual look. Looking for comfort and well-being after your bath? Treat yourself to a pure or washed linen nightgown for a relaxed look and a soft feel on the skin. Linen is the perfect partner for the home.