Linen, for the children's room

Linen is a natural fabric that can be used in your child's room. Its pastel and sober colors bring a touch of elegance to your decoration. Hypoallergenic, linen can be used as bedding. It respects your baby's skin and envelops it in softness. Here is why it is recommended to choose linen for your child's bedroom.

The benefits of linen for babies

Linen is a natural fabric with many advantages. It prevents allergies, is absorbent and quick-drying, and limits perspiration stagnation. Thus, the development of bacteria is also greatly limited. It is ideal for the skin of a baby which is often very fragile. Thermoregulating, linen offers you a feeling of freshness, whatever the season. Breathable, it is light enough not to make the smallest suffer because of the heat of the summer. But it also allows your children to keep their heat in winter. Very resistant, linen can sometimes seem rough, but it softens with each wash and will be at your service for many years. Easy to care for, it can simply be washed in a washing machine and air-dried.

The different linen products for a child's bedroom

In your child's bedroom, you can choose from many linen items. Linen blankets, fitted sheets, bumper pads, curtains, pillowcases and even pajamas: there is a wide range of linen items for your child's bedroom. You can choose to combine them with other items of different material or opt for a total linen bedroom. Linen items come in pastel shades ideal for a baby's room. White, ivory, old rose, ice blue, gray, natural or lilac: you can choose from a myriad of colors. You can choose between the traditional pink or blue for a girl or a boy, but also more original shades like lilac or ivory. Combine 2 colors for even more elegance and uniqueness.

Choose its linen curtains for a baby's room

The linen curtains of a child's room can have several purposes. They can simply allow you to decorate the space, but they can also serve to block the light of the cradle of your child, when he sleeps. Depending on the needs, it can therefore be selected in single thickness or lined witha blackout veil. On the market, you will find curtains to hang to put in place with hooks, to tie around a rod or with metal rings, ruffling ribbons, hidden legs. To offer an elegant style to your toddler's room, you can install privacy curtains. These will hide half of your window while letting in some natural light. They will add a touch of charm to your home.

Selecting linen bedding for your baby

There's nothing like a linen baby bedding! This fabric that preserves the skin of your newborn is sold in many sizes to fit all types of bedding. Depending on the size of the crib or cradle you have, you can choose a 40 x 90 cm linen fitted sheet or a 45 x 90 cm linen sheet. This is generally the standard size for toddler bedding. If you have a crib with bars, then you will need a fitted sheet of 60 x 120 cm or a sheet of 70 x 140 cm depending on the model you have. Note that if you can't find the right linen sheet in the store or if you want to make a pillowcase or cover a bumper, you can buy fabric directly by the meter. Then all you need is a little creativity and a sewing machine to make a custom sheet.