Flax in the kitchen

A natural and ancestral fiber, linen has become the trendy decoration material that elegantly dresses every room in our house. Highly appreciated for its woven aspect that gives it a natural charm of its own, linen is becoming more and more popular with decorating enthusiasts. Whether it is to embellish the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen, linen now holds a place of choice in our interiors and fits perfectly with wood and rattan furniture and accessories. In addition to being environmentally friendly, linen has many other advantages that make it an essential textile for making linen curtains with knots, linen tablecloths, aprons and other decorative accessories. Raw materials like linen are very popular at weddings for a rustic chic atmosphere in the image of a natural and authentic country decor. So don't wait any longer and succumb to linen. You won't be able to do without it!

A material with multiple advantages

Linen is known to be the most resistant fabric, and unlike cotton, it does not warp or peel even after several machine washes. Soft and natural, it has anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties that protect sensitive skin from any irritation or epidermal affections. Moreover, thanks to its thermoregulatory power, linen keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. Underneath its thick fabric appearance, linen has a capacity to absorb nearly 20% of water and to dry very quickly! Linen is the perfect choice for its unique character.

A trendy fabric in our interiors

For a more original style and a warmer atmosphere, we abandon the classic white linen in favor of the brightness of colors! With linen manufacturers now offering different colors, some interior design aficionados can let their creativity speak for itself by making decorative elements themselves with linen fabric by the meter: ribbons around a vase for the shiny shabby side, chair covers and small cushions for the kitchen seats, food storage baskets...

Since 2018, linen comes in a wide range of colors for every taste and every room in the house. The linen washed by the meter is particularly loved for its flexibility and comfort. Washed several times before being marketed, it is soft to the touch while maintaining a natural, slightly wavy look. Commonly highlighted in the dining room with napkins and table runners, linen brings a very subtle touch of elegance to brighten up the table. It is also a material that pairs well with handcrafted ceramic tableware.

A fabric that is easy to care for

Whether it is to maintain clothes or decorative accessories in linen, it is advisable to wash them in the machine at 30 ° C and up to 40 ° C if it is a colored fabric. This will allow you to clean them and remove any traces that may have been present during the making of the products. When washing, choose a delicate cycle, associated with a short and not intensive spinning to avoid that the fabric shrinks. In addition, choose a mild detergent that is suitable for delicate textiles: no chlorine or detergent. For hard-to-remove stains on tablecloths, follow the guide here. When you get out of the washing machine, air-drying (without exposure to the sun) will give you a more beautiful and less wrinkled fabric. For quick and efficient ironing, lightly dampen the linen and then iron it using a hot iron at 200°C. A real child's play!