Linen in the bedroom

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. The ideal fabric to combine comfort and cocooning atmosphere? Linen. It has many advantages for a good night's sleep. Find out why you should choose linen bedding for your bedroom and our tips for creating a beautiful color scheme.

Why choose linen bedding for a bedroom?

After a hard day, curling up in your sheets brings great comfort. Preparing a soft bedroom with comfortable bedding is essential for a good night's sleep. Here are some of the benefits of linen.

Linen in summer and winter

Known to be thermoregulatory, linen will allow you to sleep in both summer and winter. In the hot season, it will refresh you thanks to its ability to absorb perspiration. As soon as the first winter frosts arrive, it will keep you warm. You will appreciate a nice soft comforter cover. It will make you fall into the arms of Morpheus in a few minutes.

Linen for a better sleep

This fabric, which has been adored since the dawn of time, is said to have unsuspected benefits. It would allow us to sleep better. Slipping into soft linen sheets would allow us to fall asleep more quickly and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Linen, friend of sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies? Linen is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, so you can sleep peacefully in your soft sheets that are pleasant to the touch.

Linen, very resistant

Resistant to the test of time and washing, linen improves with the years. It does not warp and becomes softer with the passing of machines, without altering.

Environmentally friendly linen

The environmental impact of linen is very good, better than cotton. Biodegradable and eco-friendly, its ecological and natural fiber takes care of our planet. And moreover, it is very trendy. So why deprive yourself of it? Moreover, a linen set does not need to be ironed. The whole point of linen is its crumpled effect. No reason to waste time ironing. It will keep all its elegance and will give a bohemian side to your room.

Trendy colors for linen bedding: our tips and tricks

A decorative element in its own right, your linen bedding will reveal more of its charm with well-mastered color schemes. Give harmony to the whole room: linen bedspreads, quilted linen bedspreads, comforter covers and sheet sets, find the color combination you like. In a total look or mismatched version, your bedding gives character to your sleeping area. Vary the style according to your moods and desires by opting for a two-tone, reversible linen comforter cover. Need ideas for color combinations? The most relaxing and natural is undoubtedly the ecru and taupe duo. To give elegance and modernity to your room, choose white and blue, with why not a floor in sea rush. If you have a solid oak floor, add touches of red. You like black, then you can mix it with white and gray to soften the atmosphere. Grey linen and pastel pink, on the other hand, will give your room a lot of softness. You know everything about linen bedding for a bedroom. Enjoy its comfort and indulge yourself in the decor. Just remember that for a successful decoration, you should not combine more than three colors per room.