Timeless in the men's wardrobe, the linen pants

A natural and timeless material, linen can be worn in any season and enhances both men's and women's outfits. You will appreciate it in summer as well as in winter since linen plays a thermoregulatory role and insulates the skin from outside temperatures. You will be cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. Discover how to wear linen pants when you are a man, with which outfits to associate them and how to maintain them!

A must-have in a man's wardrobe

Linen is particularly pleasant to wear as pants. Airy and very light, it is elegance itself! But you can also wear it in everyday life, if you want to adopt a casual style. Its fluid look adapts to all circumstances. Are you invited to a summer party? No need to put on your suit! Your linen pants are ideal for this occasion. Opt for a straight or tight model that will highlight the curves of your legs. You can associate it with a linen shirt or tunic, short sleeves, rather fitted, in order to sublimate your musculature and give a very elegant look to your outfit.

Don't hesitate to roll up the sleeves for a little casual effect: the ideal option to mix comfort and refinement. As for shoes, opt for traditional derbies in a sober and natural color. If you're looking for a look for a little late afternoon aperitif, classy but relaxed, match your men's linen pants with a round neck t-shirt or a plain polo shirt. Choose a natural material, such as cotton, to highlight the flowing construction of your pants. Remember to hem them to be on trend.

Would you like to complete your wardrobe with some really casual linen pants, to enjoy the softness of this material even when you stay at home? Then opt for a very loose and supple model, which tightens with a cord at the waist. So you can rest easy on the weekend, but still look good if you have someone over.

How to maintain this natural and comfortable material?

If it has many qualities, linen requires a particular maintenance. It is indeed a material that wrinkles very easily and it is necessary to take great care of it at the time of the washing as of the ironing. You can also decide to assume this characteristic of linen and wear your pants crumpled for a bohemian look very successful. But this will not be appropriate for your formal evenings. Before putting your pants in the washing machine, gently rub any stains with a little Marseille soap. You can then wash them in the machine at a temperature of 60°C, choosing a soft and if possible, natural detergent.

Never use bleach to wash your linen pants: they could turn yellow. Don't mix your linen pants with polyester clothes either, as the latter produce light rain that could then get trapped in the natural fibers. You'll find that linen clothes tend to soften with each wash. If you choose to hand wash, never wring out your pants, as you may break the fibers of the fabric and gradually distort it. Linen can be tumble dried, but you can also air dry it without exposing it to direct sunlight. Then iron it gently on the reverse side, using the "linen" program on your iron.