Fabric by the yard: creative ideas

Noble and easy to work on, linen by the yard can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your home decor. Its natural tones of discreet elegance create a comfortable, refined atmosphere, the result of the unique quality of 100% pure linen manufactured in France. Light and finely woven, it feels pleasant to the touch. You can also opt for washed linen for a different style. From the living room to the bathroom, below are a few suggestions in terms of furnishing and household linen.

A cosy living room in neutral hues

When we think of linen, we think of natural linen curtains stirred gracefully by a light breeze or gently brushing the floor of your living room. With ribbons for a theatrical effect, flounce for a romantic atmosphere, or in 2 colours, it is up to you. To compliment your existing decor, go for matching shades. A linen sofa cover will look great and classy in the room and can be complemented with washed linen cushion covers with embroidery lettering on the front. a Koushi lamp (that you can make yourself) is a must-have in a modern living room. If your living room and dining room are connected, you can separate them using linen screens that will fit in with your home decor. Don’t worry, it doesn't have to be all linen, you can just add a few touches here and there.

Make your pastoral dreams come true in a rustic bedroom

The stylish look of linen and its organic texture makes it the ideal material to create a rustic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Buying linen by the yard allows you to get a full bedding set. For example, for an original duvet cover, you can put together two linen plains of different colours to make it reversible. Sleeping in linen sheets is an affordable luxury since this fabric is easy to cut and sew. Add matching linen pillowcases, and there you have it!

An item that appears to be back in vogue is the bed skirt. Once more, linen is the answer. Let your imagination flow to create beautiful corners. Again, it is a question of taste.

Linen, a trendy touch in your bathroom

Both timeless and in keeping with the times, linen is a safe bet to freshen up your bathroom.  No need to upset your habits – a linen shower curtain will do the trick. Linen in the shower? Absolutely, plus it is quite trendy. The natural quality of linen is suitable for a humid environment. You can even go for a Scandinavian design, decorating your wooden furniture with natural linen. 

Apart from having the satisfaction to design your own artefacts, linen by the yard gives you countless opportunities to create items inspired by various styles. One thing is sure – whatever style you choose, linen is the stylish, trendy key to your home decor.