Choose preferably a linen fitted sheet!

Why choose a linen fitted sheet?

Among the wide selection of fitted sheets available, linen sheets offer many advantages. If these sheets are currently experiencing a resurgence of interest, it is indeed no coincidence.

Linen, what is it?

The linen fitted sheet has conquered many bedrooms and beds. But why ? It is first important to know more about this material to better understand the reasons for this choice.

Linen is a natural material considered ecological. It is a delicate plant that can be recognized by its pretty blue flower. This plant is mainly cultivated in temperate coastal zones. One can thus, for example, find flax fields in the north of France.

Plant fiber is used for the textile industry.

If linen is considered an ecological material, it is above all because its cultivation requires little water (unlike cotton). The plant therefore does not need irrigation, is not very water-intensive and needs almost no pesticides to grow. It is also a plant that helps to destroy CO2 since it can retain nearly 3.7 tons of this gas per year. The manufacture of linen fabrics (spinning, weaving, making up) requires little energy.

It should also be noted that France is the world's leading producer of flax.

Linen remains a material that is still little used, because it is often considered elitist, unlike cotton. However, it offers many advantages to its users.

Why Choose Linen Sheets?

It is thus a particularly light and resistant material. It also offers a great absorption capacity. This is a significant advantage in summer, when you sweat. The fitted sheet will then absorb up to 20% of the humidity and retain a very pleasant dry feeling. Linen also offers excellent ventilation.

It is a temperate material that can obviously be used throughout the year. Indeed, linen has a thermoregulatory property. It remains pleasant both in summer, as we have just seen, and in winter, offering a temperature that is neither too hot nor

 too fresh. The material is perfect for those who like to sleep in cool sheets in summer and warm in winter. This thermoregulatory property may also have a beneficial effect on sleep in addition to comfort. Indeed, when we sleep, the body temperature can vary significantly according to the phases of sleep. The temperature-regulating fabric, this problem will be significantly reduced. We then sleep better, because we wake up less (to uncover or cover up).


In addition to this comfort, linen is also recommended for people with allergies. It has anallergic and antibacterial properties. It is therefore ideal for sensitive people, but also for those with sensitive skin or dermatological problems.

Choosing a linen sheet can therefore be a great idea. However, two small drawbacks should be noted. First, the price. Linen being a quality natural material, it is a little more expensive than its counterparts. But its great resistance makes it a fabric that lasts over time. Another small problem, natural linen can scratch sensitive skin (or that of children) a little. If this is your case, don't worry, you can still choose linen sheets. After several washes, the material will be soft. You can also buy washed linen which will save you from having to wait for the material to soften. The washed linen fitted sheet is ideal for young children, especially since it can withstand high washing temperatures (natural linen can be washed at 40°, washed linen can be washed at 60° without any problem). There is also no need to iron washed linen.

Choosing the right size for your linen fitted sheet?

Whatever material you choose for your fitted sheet, it is important to choose the right dimensions. The size of a fitted sheet has a very big role. Too small, you will not be able to put the fitted sheet on your mattress. Too big, the fitted sheet will crease and unhook, which is particularly unpleasant for sleeping.

You will therefore need to measure your mattress to find out if you should take a 140X200 linen fitted sheet, a 160X200 linen fitted sheet or a fitted sheet in a completely different size. Linenshed makes all its products to order, you have the possibility to order your fitted sheet from a wide choice of standard sizes permanently available in the shop but also custom-made for uses as diverse as for a triangular bed for the bunk of a boat or even with a central joint for an electric bed. But that's not all. The height of the cup is also very important for an optimal choice. To be sure, the formula is simple. Measure the height of your mattress and add 8 cm. For a 27 cm high mattress, you will then need to buy a 160x200 linen fitted sheet with a 35 cm cap. Do not forget to add the thickness of a mattress topper if you have one.