Tailor-made linen bed skirts for all types of beds

You are planning a bedroom makeover? The first thing that usually comes to mind is painting the walls then changing the furniture, whereas sometimes all you need to do to create a relaxed atmosphere and sleep better is change a few details. Why not start with your bed? If you can no longer bear the sight of your ugly, ageing bed base, the solution is a bed skirt, an often overlooked yet transformative, warm touch. Learn more about the benefits of a bed skirt and tailor-made models, suitable for all beds.

Benefits of a bed skirt

A bed skirt, or dust ruffle, is used to conceal unsightly box springs and frames. It also protects the mattress and bed base against friction, stains and dust accumulation, and helps extend the life of your bedding. Beyond those practical aspects, it will also complement the décor of your bedroom, adding a refined, understated touch to your cosy sleep space. You can match it with your sheet set for a harmonious blend of colours or be more creative. If you need storage space and are tired of having a messy bedroom, you can put boxes under your bed to store things you use less often but want to keep. They will be out of the way, leaving your bedroom uncluttered. You will breathe again and you are more likely to sleep better and feel rested in the morning. Another benefit is that the bed skirt slips easily over the mattress and most models are machine washable (30 degrees) for easy care. No constraints!

Tailor-made bed skirt for all types of beds

We offer a wide range or tailor-made linen bed skirts for any type of bed, even electric beds. Choose the model you need depending on the size of your bed (from 31.5x75" to 78.7 x 78.7"). You can also choose the drop (between 13.8 and 20.4"). Do you want your footboards to be visible or would you rather hide them? Take the time to take all measurements. 14 shades are available to choose from – white, ivory, ice blue, nude, stone grey, corral, olive green, etc., for a perfect harmony with the decor of your bedroom. As for style, we have a wide selection of linen bed skirts – open corner pleats (classic and simple), chic, timeless bows, refined split corners, romantically gathered or with shabby chic flouncing for an appealing bedroom.  Make your choice depending on the atmosphere you want for your bedroom, and your mood. If you need matching sheet sets, take a look at our range of linen sheets, duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads, not to mention linen curtains… home sweet home!


Now that you know more about linen bed skirts and their benefits, all you need to do is take your pick. Make sure you take measures before ordering, and take the time to check every model, picturing yourself in your bedroom and imagining the colours you want most for a cosy, relaxing space.