Linen Pillow Cases

Have you been using your linen pillow cases for more than five years? According to experts, most bedding, such as linen bed sheets, soft pillow cases and duvet covers only have a life expectancy of five years. Dust, dust mites, bed bugs and mould can wreak havoc to your bedding over a period of time. It is important for homeowners to replace their bedding at regular intervals.

However, given the rising cost of bedding, replacement isn’t a feasible option for everyone. The next best thing you can do is invest in a fabric that is hygienic, healthy and safe; and this is where linen comes in.

Linen is considered one of the safest fabrics for everyone, right from newborns to adults. At Linenshed, we stock superior quality bed linen made from 100% pure linen fabric. Our hand-spun linen fabrics are manufactured using wholesome and organic French flax seeds.

One of our most sold products is our linen pillow cases. Our pillowcases are made from both enzyme-washed and unwashed linen fabrics. While the unwashed linen feels more natural and sturdy, the washed fabric is softer to the touch and looks more worn-in, adding an elegance and sophistication to your bedding.  

Be sure to log on to our website and go through our extensive collection of linen pillow cases. With so many options available, you will be spoilt for choices.

Hypo-Allergenic Linen

One of the most problematic areas when it comes to bedding is the allergies that users experience from it. Most fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk can carry tiny dust particles and dust mites which may cause a variety of problems. Washing the fabrics don’t help. The best option for homeowners is to purchase a fabric that is inherently anti-allergic.

In fact, about 80% of allergies that people have are a result of dust and dust mites in bedding. Newborns are especially susceptible to allergies, but, with the right kind of bedding, parents can prevent lifelong illnesses from developing in their children.

Linenshed has a stock of top quality linen has been designed to provide comfort to the user. Our 100% pure linen pillowcases are antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-allergic. Using these will reduce the chances of your experiencing fabric-caused allergic reactions and dermatological issues.

Our pillow cover comes in various colours. Whether you want sweet salmon or icy French blue, you can have the pick of your choice from our wonderful selection. Our pillow cases are designed to fit both small and large pillows. Linen is a material that is flexible and you needn’t worry about the size of the pillowcases.

Linen pillow cases are also the ideal option for homeowners who are looking for a product that offers hassle-free maintenance. Linens don’t wrinkle as much as other fabrics and don’t need much ironing at all. Additionally, our pillow covers are made of linen that repels dust. This ensures that they are safe to use and it prevents you from spending too much time and effort on washing.

When it comes to washing, there is another advantage. Most people aren’t sure what the best method to wash linen fabrics is. However, you don’t have to worry. Your linen products can be both hand-washed and machine-washed. The hardiness of the material will ensure that your linen will remain soft, shapely and colourful after multiple washes, for years to come.


At Linenshed, we recommend linen because of its durability. A very sturdy material, your linen pillowcases, bed ruffles, and linen loungewear will last for years. While most fabrics such as cotton, synthetic and flannel will only last a handful of years, you can go without replacing your bedding for more than a decade. This very feature of linen makes it a very expensive fabric. However, with so many benefits, it is absolutely worth it to have beautiful linen fabric as a part of your bedding.

High air permeability gives more value to users. Scents from sweat, oil and perfume will no longer cling to your pillow. The layers within your linen cases prevent scent particles from sticking to the fabric. Additionally, heat conductivity allows your pillowcase to be warm during winters and cool during summers. Our French flax seeds and all of our fabrics are homespun, ensuring superior quality finishing. Our linen bedding comes in multiple customization options, offering you a variety of choices to find or create the perfect linen bedding assortment! Be sure to visit our website for top-quality linen.

Large selection of linen bedding and loungewear

Linenshed sells a wide range of linen bedding across the UK. From bed skirts to fitted bed sheets, you can find the product of your choice. We also stock a stunning collection of linen loungewear for women. Whether you need a skirt or a t-shirt, you are sure to find what you’re looking for on Linenshed. All orders above £200 are eligible for free shipping and delivery. Contact us for more information.

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