Linen placemat, original and tasteful for any occasion

For a business lunch, a birthday celebration or a get-together for family or friends, take every chance you get to share a good meal. What's more you can create visual appeal for your guests. Have you ever considered using linen placemats? Let us look at their benefits, and review various models for various occasions.


Benefits of linen placemats

Apart from preserving your table from stains and marks from food or hot dishes, placemats are also a decorative element. Usually rectangular, this significant item can replace a tablecloth or come on top of it. The placemat is said to date back to the 15th century – a famous antique dealer from Venice would have come up with the idea after one of her guests said he found her table too plain.

Placemats are quite practical on several accounts. They adapt to any type of table, whatever the size. No need to take measures or think hard. Each guest has their own placemat and can enjoy their meal comfortably as linen is a very soft and ecological fabric, which will give appeal and character to your table, for a friendly meal.

Linen placemats are extremely easy to maintain as they can be machine-washed. You can use different colours depending on the time of the year – bright, sparkling tones in the summer, and softer, warmer shades in the wintertime. They can match your napkins, and if you decide to put a tablecloth underneath, choose different colours to enhance your placemats.


Various models for various occasions

Several linen placemats are available. Follow our product guide and advice on choosing your linen placemats to obtain the desired effect depending on the type of meal you wish to organise.


Linen placemat set

Understated and versatile, these placemats are suitable for everyday use. From breakfast to dinner, they fit every style, classic or modern. 100% flax linen, they can be machine-washed regularly without any risk.


Washed linen flounced placemats

For a romantic meal, choose our high-quality washed linen flounced placemats, also 100% flax linen and hard-wearing. Long-lasting and easy-care, they are nice-looking and stylish.


Satin stitched trimmed placemats

Highly original, satin stitched trimmed placemats are perfect for special occasions such as a birthday party or a time to celebrate. The satin stitch is available in 6 colours. Hard-wearing and high-quality, they can be used on a daily basis. All our placemats are available by sets of 4 or 6, in 14 colours. Their size is 35 x 53 cm (13.8 by 20.9 inches).

Now that you know all about linen placemats and the various models available depending on your needs, all you have to do is take your pick. One thing is for sure – not only will your guests be treated to a great meal but they will feel cosy and comfortable at your table.