7 Essential Items to Bring With You To University

Are you heading to university this fall? Then it’s time to get prepared. These seven essentials can make your life in the halls of residence easier, cleaner, more comfortable and more satisfying.

Mini Hoover

You'll need a mini hoover for cleaning up biscuit crumbs from late night study sessions. Mini hoovers are small enough to fit in your closet but powerful enough to clean your rugs and floors. Don't worry about getting a hoover with an extra long cord, because bedrooms tend to be small at the university. Extra attachments can be helpful, however, for sucking up dust under the bed.

Cleaning Wipes

Your mini hoover might keep your floors clean, but what about the desk and dresser? Cleaning wipes help sop up the wine spills after your late night study session turns into a fun get together with friends.

Bed Risers

Bed risers fit under your bed posts to boost the bed up a few centimetres, making for additional storage space. If you’re sleeping in a room with bunk beds, risers might not be safe. Check with your university before investing in this handy furniture accessory.

Desk Organizer

University students do a lot of writing, so they need biros, pencils and other desk accessories. An organiser is the best way to keep your desk free of clutter. If you can, find out the dimensions of your desk before investing in an organiser. This helps ensure that your organiser will fit in the space without crowding your work station. 

Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are space efficient and can be useful for lighting those dark corners in the bedroom. We recommend a floor lamp with an adjustable head that can be pointed in the direction where light is needed most.

Shower Shoes

Communal showers can be a breeding ground for nasty organisms. Buy shower shoes to protect your feet from fungus and other bacteria! 

Linen Bed Sheets

There’s nothing more comfortable than linen bed sheets for your time at university. Breathable, durable and extra soft, linen bed sheets help ensure that you’ll be well rested while you’re away at school. If you’re not sure what colour to pick, we recommend the colour called chalk. This beautiful, brilliant shade of white can be bleached clean if they get stained, and they’ll never clash with another bedroom decor.

Buy Your Sheets From Linenshed

At Linenshed, we make all of our linen sheets to order, so your sheets are guaranteed to fit. If you’re going away to university this fall, now is the time to order your handmade, all natural, linen bed sheets.

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